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Our Palm Beach sliding door repair technician are fully equipped and ready to give you emergency glass door repair and replacement service 24/7 hours.

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We serve in all neighborhood of Palm Beach, South Florida. With immense experience and ample knowledge in this line of work, we offer Slider Door Repairing Services in Palm Beach. We are one of the most reliable and trusted companies in Palm Beach which are not only supplying and trading one of the most latest and finest quality materials for the door and windows needs but are also engaged in providing the services of its repair and installation. Slider Door Repair is available for our clients at a very reasonable range of prices.


Some common frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How much does it cost to replace Sliding Glass Door in Palm Beach​

A sliding door is a door that slides on a fixed track on your patio path or window. Many people ask the cost to fix the Palm Beach sliding glass door and to install it.

There are two types of sliding glass door prices, one cost depends upon the installation and second cost is to fix or repair the door. Usually the cost to repair a sliding door starts from $49 and goes up to $200. So, technicians charge the less price if that door only needs a fixation, but if door needs to repair or replace any item like, roller repair/replace, sliding door wheels, track, lock, broken shuddered or handle repair and replacement then you will be charged the price of the item.

Both of the prices depends upon the scope of the work in Palm Beach of Florida. So, we are the one who give very affordable prices for sliding door repair and replacement.


I am living in Palm Beach, the sliding door won't slide, how to fix sliding glass door

With our top notch Palm Beach Sliding Glass Door Repair Services, we make sure every home has perfectly working sliding glass doors. Don’t struggle any longer with those hard-to-open doors, we are trusted professionals that know how to get the job done RIGHT! Whether its roller problems, track problems, or lock problems, we got you covered. When your rollers are damaged they can cause great damage to your doors and tracks, for this reason we recommend customers to call to maintenance their sliding doors when they first notice any signs of trouble. By giving us a call when you first notice anything wrong with your doors, you can save a great deal of money by saving in costly repairs due to damages that can be caused by the sliding door rubbing on the track.


When do I need to replace a door panel

When you need a replacement door panel because of a snatch and grab; damage by wind, storm, drive-through, break-in, or abuse; or in need of custom sizes, call us. We provide top of the line packaging to secure your order. Not only do we provide replacement door panels, we can provide the replacement parts as well.