Glass Sliding Door Repair in Broward

Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected from their sliding doors while maintaining the latest safety standards that their patrons deserve. All of our 100+ technicians are complete certified, trained on all makes and models, and drive fully stocked vans to cut down on costly return trips.

Sliding Glass Door Services has been in continuous operation from last 10years with service technicians located across the states. Our support personnel provide dispatch, quotes on demand and project management services. Our technicians are trained to check your sliding door. We service all makes and models of sliding doors.

We make adjustments to speed, assure functionality, safety, lube and adjust, check for loose screws, sensors and safety decals. Doors are inspected to current safety standards. Our technicians evaluate the condition of the door operation, weather seals, bottom sweeps, controller and motor operation, rollers guides and tracks, then make recommendations or repairs.


With many homes in Sliding Glass Doors installed, We found it necessary to specialize in bringing your old Sliding Glass Doors back to life. With our Sliding Glass Door Repair Services, we work hard to make your old sliding doors work like new again. We have a wide variety of rollers, locks, handles, and tracks available to assist all our customers with the best Sliding Glass Door Repair Services. Don’t let hard-to-open doors keep you from enjoying your backyard, get your doors gliding open again with the highest quality hardware.

Our Sliding Glass Door Repair Services, We make sure every home has perfectly working sliding glass doors. Don’t struggle any longer with those hard-to-open doors, we are trusted professionals that know how to get the job done RIGHT! Whether its roller problems, track problems, or lock problems, we got you covered. When your rollers are damaged they can cause great damage to your doors and tracks, for this reason we recommend customers to call to maintenance their sliding doors when they first notice any signs of trouble. By giving us a call when you first notice anything wrong with your doors, you can save a great deal of money by saving in costly repairs due to damages that can be caused by the sliding door rubbing on the track.

If your sliding doors are stuck, we can help you get your sliding doors rolling again. Our team of experts has extended experience with sliding door maintenance and repairs. Our services consist of Roller Repair & Replacement; Track Repair & Replacement, Locks & Handle Replacement, Sliding Door Alignment & Adjustment, Double-Bolt Locks, and much more. We love what we do and we make sure we do it good, your sliding doors will be working like new, no excuses.



When you need a replacement door panel because of a snatch and grab; damage by wind, storm, drive-through, break-in, or abuse; or in need of custom sizes, call us. We provide top of the line packaging to secure your order. Not only do we provide replacement door panels, we can provide the replacement parts as well.


When your sliding door panels are in good condition, but are in need of a controller or motor operation, Sliding Glass Door Repair Service is the automatic sliding door system that is recommended for all models in all sliding door configurations.