Rollers Repair Replace in Broward


Once the internal bearings begin to wear out, the wheels tend to stop rolling and begin to skid along the top of the guide track. When that happens, the rollers begin to skip or hop-along as you open and close your door many times a day. Then, the skipping or hopping begins to wear out the base rail creating divots, bumps and grinds down the soft aluminum guide rail. Call Sliding Glass Door Repair Services today before your track is worn out!

With our replacement sliding door rollers, your sliding door will open with little effort just like when it was new. They work by having the sliding door slide Teflon on plastic, Sliding Door Roller Replacement products are designed to fit and repair virtually every sliding door on the market. Sliding Door Repair Products will have your sliding door glide over durable, specially formed, slippery plastic in no time.

Believe it or not, there are many different "common" rollers for sliding glass doors. Sliding Glass Door Services staff maintains a parts kit with the most common ones, and there are 16 different varieties. After a quick glance while getting other materials, our staff noted that four of the local home improvement stores do carry some rollers and average two types per store. The odds of finding a match for your particular door at a home improvement store are, in our experience, low, however, some home owners do take this as an improvement project and get lucky.

A few home owners have inquired about the price of fixing the door, thinking it is too high. First, we encourage home owners to attempt to do a price check. The reality is, most people in your region will not do a sliding door refurbishment. The majority of the risk and liability is in breaking the glass itself. Most construction companies feel their employees would not exercise the proper care, and most handymen do not have the stock or experience to do the job.

We urge any home owner attempting his or her own repair to have a second person, and proceed very carefully. Breaking the glass in sliding glass doors is a very real possibility. However, for the careful home owner, this is a very reasonable task to start with. We are also willing to work on a door a homeowner has attempted a refurbishment on if the door is not operating satisfactorily.